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North East Ohio Marketing Group is an Ohio based marketing firm that works with clients in the home entertainment, consumer electronics and satellite television industries.  Paired with the largest retailers in the country, North East Ohio Marketing Group is making moves to meet their client’s demands.  With a philosophy of promoting from within, NEO has a manager training program that is second to none.

North East Ohio Marketing Group’s managers said that they believe that investing in their team and helping to develop and mold their best people into strong leaders is the most effective way to continue to grow.  With three experienced managers merging into one, NEO is excited about their growth. Kyle, John and Codie will be managing the team, with different backgrounds; all three managers seem motivated about their opportunity to work together in such a great market.

Kyle, originally from Brenham, Texas, grew up playing roller hockey, soccer and cross country.  Kyle attended Texas State University and immediately began working in the insurance industry.  He started in insurance as a manager trainee, and moved to Georgia and finally Ohio with the company.  Getting burnt out

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with insurance; Kyle wanted more out of a career with opportunities to advance.  Joining the company and immediately excelling with the manager in training position, Kyle is excited to work hand in hand with John and Codie to continue to grow the North East Ohio Marketing Group.

From St. Louis, Missouri, John grew up as a striker for soccer and attended St. Louis University.  After obtaining his BSBA in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, John began developing Solar Plants.  John stumbled upon the company and immediately understood the business model.  Within seven days of starting, John was promoted into an Account Manager position, and just 8 months after he started, John began managing an office.  When asked about what keeps him motivated, John said a quote helps drive him.  “Strive for excellence, enjoy the process and good results will follow.”

Codie is from Cleveland, Ohio and played football, basketball and baseball growing up.  Graduating with a business degree from Akron University, Codie began managing a pizza shop. Realizing he had reached the ceiling in growth ability, Codie wanted a chance to move up within a company.  Once he interviewed Codie started and was promoted in one week to Account Manager.  Within six months Codie was managing an office.  Codie’s favorite quote to live by is from Michael Jordan, “I can accept failure, everyone fails, I just can’t accept not trying.”  Codie wants to send his parents to Florida for a week as one of his goals as that is a dream of theirs.

photoWith three completely different backgrounds, the North East Ohio Marketing Group is prepared to reach and exceed some goals for the fourth quarter of 2013.  “This is our biggest time of year” continues Kyle, “Our clients are growing and expanding and we must too in order to keep up with their demands.”  NEO’s manager in training program trains its top employees into upper level manager positions within the company.  They are cross trained in leadership skills, conflict resolution, human resources, client management and customer acquisitions.  Partnered up with some of the largest clients in the country, NEO is looking for their best and brightest to move into management positions to help meet the needs of their clients.