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What We Do

With the enormous growth of on-line sales, the vitality of the retail setting depends on the consumers desire to interact with customer service professionals. Having live representation from a specific brand can help with the proper presentation and explanation of how the product can benefit ones needs or desires.

Why We Do It

Our Fortune 500 clients are constantly competing in a very competitive home entertainment industry. We strive to lead the nation in outsourced marketing and in-store marketing campaigns. Our clients have specific fields of expertise ranging from home entertainment to the biggest names in consumer electronics and retail venues.

Where We Do It

We are proud to call some of the most recognized retailers and advertisers in the world our clients. Our clients see more results from our in-store marketing campaigns than traditional forms of advertising like print, radio and television have been able to provide. With our in-store marketing campaigns we provide trackable results that keep our clients coming back for more.

Where We're Going

With our National Clients and our National Retail Clients we have the ability to do what we do in any store across the country. This gives us enormous room for growth. With our management training program we are training managers to help us with our expansion.

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Main Office:

2101 Front St Suite 215 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

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28 Park Ave West
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Independence Ohio 44131

Phone number:

330-940-2222 Cuyahoga Falls

419-989-2776 Mansfield


info@neomarketinggroup.com, careers@neomarketinggroup.com

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Everyday 8 AM – 5 PM

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Our services

In Store Marketing is the process of captivating the consumer’s attention to a specific brand or product inside of a retail enviornment.


In-Store Marketing Experts

By having a local representative we are able to interact with your customers in a way that no other form of marketing could do.

Our marketing team becomes experts in your field and then we will become local representatives for you and we can

  •  Answer questions
  • Explain the benefits of your product
  • Sell your services on the spot

Our approach is Customer Service first Sales second. We know you worked hard to build your reputation and we protect it and respect that.

We Listen

The first thing we need to do is learn what the customer currently has as far as home entertainment. Get an idea of their current setup and what they want to change.

We Educate

Now that we know how the customers current setup is and have learned what their goals are we can educate them on the value of your product and how we can help them hit their goals.

We Deliver

Now that the customer has learned about the product and how they could benefit we have the ability to sell your product on the spot at the height of impulse.

The Benefits

When NEO Marketing Group comes up with a marketing stratagy for a client we make sure that plan follows our win-win-win system.  We make sure our clients are happy with the results, the customers are happy with the products and the retailers are happy with our service.  When we make sure everyone wins NEO Marketing Group always wins.

Competitive Price

With NEO Marketing Group we don’t get paid if you don’t get paid. We make sure our marketing services are at a 100% ROI before you ever see a bill.

Easy to Manage

With our In-Store Marketing team meeting everyday, we are able to relay your goals and expectations to every member of our team on a daily basis.

Achieving Greatness

We don’t settle for being average. Everyday we strive, through hard work and motivation, to achieve greatness for our clients.

Complete Solutions

With NEO Marketing Group we handle all your In-Store Marketing needs from start to finish. From the relationships with store management to the satisfaction of your customers.

Ready to see what NEO Marketing Group can do for you.

Whether you’re looking for a career with NEO Marketing Group or interested in contacting us for our services, we’d love to hear from you.